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Shwemom is Myanmar’s best entertainment and lifestyle news destination for young men and women. From the latest world and local news, to the inside scoop on celebrities and fun quizzes, Shwemom is like a close friend that keeps you informed and entertained.


Monthly Page Views


90%18-34 years of age

10%Other age groups




Aunty May

Aunty May is the go-to website for women aged 18 – 34. Like a stylish and savvy older cousin, it’s the place women turn to for advice about beauty, family and life – with a sprinkling of celebrity gossip as well. When our readers visit Aunty May they feel like they are having a conversation with someone who understands them.


Monthly Page Views


90%18-34 years of age

10%Other age groups





Celenow is home to all the latest celebrity news, events and gossip. Reporting on the big names from the local industry as well as the Korean powerhouse arts and entertainment sectors, Celenow keeps readers up to date on all the latest entertainment and celebrity news.


89%18-34 years of age

11%Other age groups




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96% of our traffic is from mobile. Of this, 90% of the traffic are from Android devices

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All of our content is Myanmar language-based. Above 90% of our traffic come from Myanmar

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Our readers are aligned with the very important purchasing and influencer age group of 18-34

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We craft quizzes so a brand can engage its target audience in a really fun and authentic way that communicates its message and themes, and encourages consumers to share.

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We promote branded content on social networks by allowing brands to target specific audiences and serve them content they want to engage with.

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